Friday, January 04, 2013


Curious to know if anyone missed "Randoms" being posted on a different day this week?

Erwin Lutzer offers some helpful instruction on how NOT to read your Bible in 2013.

A statistical snapshot of 2012.

Here's a list of stuff that got banned in 2012. Some things should be banned, but others . . . ?

InfoWars suggests "16 Things about 2013 That Are Really Going to Stink." Let's check back periodically to see if they are right.

Wikipedia says "Acetylcholinesterase, also known as AChE;or acetylhydrolase, is a serine protease that hydrolyzes the neurotransmitteracetylcholine. AChE is found at mainly neuromuscular junctions and cholinergic brain synapses, where its activity serves to terminatesynaptic transmission. It belongs to carboxylesterase family of enzymes." I just think it's a party waiting to happen.

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