Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy "Day After New Year's Day!"

New Zealanders have a really cool name for today, which in some countries (like Scotland) observe as a “bank holiday.” Today is “Day After New Year’s Day!” The day is so cool I wonder why I'm not wearing a bow-tie, or a fez. Might start a new tradition here . . . hmmmm.

There are many ideas out there as to how this day came about, many of which include the word “hangover.” I trust you don’t have one, though it is a fact that hangovers are the result of sleeplessness more than alcohol.

Regardless, those of us who live on smaller islands off the coast of New Zealand are back to work today. You remember work don’t you?

New Zealanders may have something for us, though. Today is the next day. We are not promised a “next day,” but here it is. We should be thankful to our Creator for this day. He made it, so rejoice in it! 

Now, where's my bow-tie?

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