Monday, April 03, 2017

"If you know what you want...

... it's easy to tune out the noise." (Annie Mist Thorisdottir)

When Thor's daughter speaks, one should listen!

This is one of my CrossFit heroes. Sure she warms up with my max loads, but that's not what inspires me. That terrifies me, actually.

What inspires me is that smile at the end of a WOD. An elite athlete who performs with a disarming ferocity, she's a beast--but what makes her smile is that she gets what she wants. She finishes.

There's a laser-beam focus to finish well as she moves through the paces and it's in that focus that she's tuned out the noise. The beat of her own drum drowns out everything else. Keeping her "eye on the prize" as it were. Makes all the difference in the world in anything you do--shutting out the noise. Noise can be deafening, so know what you want and get louder than the noise!

Enjoyed a nice WOD today and had reason to smile myself. Started with 4x5 of Back Squats (95#, ending with 150#) then went into this wonderful little dance:

4 minutes as many rounds possible (AMRAP) of:
7 Clean and Jerk (95#)
70 Single Jump rope
2 minutes rest

4 minutes AMRAP of:
7 Power Clean (115#)
70 Singles
2 min. rest

4 Min AMRAP of:
7 Deadlift (205#--was supposed to be 185, but I can't count)
70 singles

Finished two full rounds of the first set, nearly finished two rounds of Power Cleans plus 40 Singles of the second and finished out 1 solid round plus 5 DL of the last.

And I was still standing at the end.

Tune out the noise and go for it--even if you have to call in a teammate to root you on--but finish! Sometimes we need a drill sergeant.

Play hard!
And Smile!

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