Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mini-Garden, 2017

Got a behind due to nearly two months of illness or bad weather, but today was the day!

A few years ago a neighbor was of the opinion that he could break into my shed and steal my tiller (this was before we moved to our present location) so I didn't garden much after that. This year I determined to get SOMETHING into the ground (still without a tiller). After a nice breakfast, I grabbed my shovel, rake, wheelbarrow and seeds (ok, and some bagged garden soil, too) and got busy.

Nearly half-way finished turning the soil
Three hours and four pounds of shed water weight later, the garden is secure! Got my workout in, let me tell ya!

Finished turning. Now to hand-till, make rows and plant.

Just gimme a shovel and rake and some seeds

Mini-Garden 2017 is "secure"! One row of zucchini, one row of cucumbers, one row of watermelon and a row of bell peppers. Whew!

Oh, and we found a bird's nest above the front door. Had to get out the big ladder so I could climb up to see it was occupied. Since it was newly built, I am hesitant to remove it. Will keep eyes on it, thought.

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