Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Next Up

Bear Bait! Hoss! Grab yer packs! The mountains are calling!

Sometime next month I hope to have climbed Sassafrass Mountain (at 3,563 feet) and Table Rock Mountain (3,425). These are two of the highest peaks in a mountains chain found along the 80 mile Foothills Trail that runs along the border of North and South Carolina.

Haven't decided yet if this is going to be a two day hike (hike a section and end on the highest peaks) or do more days and shoot for the whole 80 miles. For a "cross section" map of the elevations covering the entire trail, click here (and don't forget to scroll down as the map is in two parts). 

Doing the Black Crest Trail a couple years ago, we took two days. I lost 6 pounds and was taken to the borders of my existence climbing the highest peak in NC (at 6,683 feet). This year's trip would bring us to the highest peak in SC (3,120 shorter than Mitchell), completing a significantly longer trail.

I'll be 50 this year and every part of me is saying "why not?"

But then I also know what every part of me will be saying at the end of it all. (Note to self: buy epson salts).

And I also know that every part of me will be looking for the next climb in about a week's time after my return. 

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