Thursday, April 27, 2017


I missed my noon-time training today due to a meetings, so I went later in the day. On the way to the gym I stopped to check on one of the guys who trains with me, to make sure he was still alive mostly. While visiting with him for a moment, another co-worker (she leads of ladies training group) stopped by and said, "how come every time I check on you guys, your'e always laying on the floor?"

"Because 'CrossFit'! That's why!"

Hey, when you put out all you got and can't stand at the end, then you deserve to lay where ya fall.

Ok, no way to arrange those pics to look like I'm not broken.

Anyway, today's dog food was "Death By Clean and Jerk." (see where the laying down aka "Deadman's Pose" in Yoga comes in?)

Setting a timer to go off every minute, using a 95# Dumbbell, did:
1 Clean and Jerk the 1st minute
2 Clean and Jerks the 2nd minute
3 Clean and Jerks the 3rd minute
4 Clean and Jerks the 4th minute and so on.
I only lasted 8 rounds.
BUT that totals 36 Clean and Jerks for a whopping 3420 pounds.

You think about a lot of things down there on the floor, like how good it feels to be alive . . .

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