Tuesday, January 17, 2006

chapelblog: Cuba

(student led)

Daniel 10:12-14

Some verses change the way we read the news and our Bibles. Daniel prayed and the answer was delayed. Why was that? Because there are authorities in place.

Eph 1:21 mentions rule, authority, power and dominion.
Eph 6:12 mentions rulers, powers and many forces.

Strange things in unseen realms cause strange things to happen in our own. Is our military presence in the Middle East the result of our prayers for the 10-40 Windows? The doors are open to come and go in America--and the world is coming here. Is this an answer to prayer about missions?

Some believe Cuba is cursed because of its rejection of Israel historically. It has difficult to grow things there and many Cubans think their country is cursed. But literacy is on the rise. Six Seminaries are currently functioning. Universities are basically free. Churches are full. But people are still trying to get out. Why? The Government takes care of children until 7 yrs old. But beef is outlawed. Hotels are for tourists, not Cubans. Cubans make between 7 to 10 dollars per month. One roll of toilet paper costs 10% of one’s monthly income. Our comforts are available and can be purchased, but not by Cubans. There are those who are and those who are tested by suffering and those tested by freedom.

Be motivated to pray and that there would be a strong missions impact in Cuba. Strange things are happening in other realms.

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