Thursday, January 19, 2006

chapelblog: "Making Sense of 9/11: Transforming 9/11 Into Passion for the Great Commission"

by Dr. Nabeel Jabbour

We remember that day very well and how much we worried. There have been two responses to 9/11: one has been increased prayer for Muslims in the 10-40 window. The other response has been less Christian.

Islam is a strange phenomenon to the Western mind. To many it is like a Picasso: how can anyone pay so much money for that kind of art? Some understand Picasso and his style while others just see an eyeball here, an arm there and color. Both understand someone pays a great deal of money for this.

In an oversimplistic style, here are two areas that help describe Islam today

There are the Doctrines & perspectives on men: Jihad, Separation and the Model of Mohammed.

In General terms, there are 7 kinds of Muslims:

1. Folk Islam: Fearful and spiritualistic, much like a tribal bushman;
2. Orthodox Islam: The Pharisees of Islam;
3. Secular or Cultural Muslims accept basics only, do not embrace all writings;
4. Ambivalent Muslims are just that;
5. Content Muslims--blessed to be Muslim;
6. Mystics-- In serious, deep love with God;
7. Fundamentals Muslims—Most committed to follow God regardless the cost.

I Chron. 11:23--Satan has come against the church with a very large spear through the extreme action we felt as a nation on 9/11. Because of this many Christians now hate Muslims. We need to turn the spear against our spiritual enemy and obey the Great Commission. Just as Pearl Harbor woke the sleeping giant, 9/11 was our Pearl Harbor.

Read Bosch’s statements concerning Jonah in his book, Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission:

Jonah was a missionary without a missionary heart. See 4:2-3. When we hate others, we go into all the world without trust in God, we fail to believe Him. He kept Israel's attitude. His story is less about Nineveh but about a compassionate God and a uncompassionate Israel and their prophet.

Gen. 18:16-33 Was God offended by the bargaining? Abraham had God's compassion.

Deut. 9:13-14 Moses was angry with the golden calf scenario, but not as angry as God was. Moses was also compassionate. Consider: Referees intervene at the right time. Moses stepped in the middle and separated the contenders.

Ezek. 22:30 who does God find to go on behalf of His people?

Read ''Unshackled and Growing: Muslims and Christians on the Journey to Freedom." Ask God for a Muslim Contact. Before you win a Muslim to Christ, win him to yourself.

Commit to pray for Muslims on a regular basis.

2 Cor. 6:11-13

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