Thursday, January 05, 2006

Father Abraham

Now don't break out in Sunday School motion songs. It’s not that I have anything against dancing, it’s just that when some people get a song stuck in their heads (and you know how it stays there all day?) they just have to do something with it. Besides, you would look funny reading my blog praising the Lord with arms flappin', head bobbin', marchin' in place. If you're already at it, we'll wait patiently till you 'turn around and sit down.

Alrighty then . . . And just to prevent another outbreak of the Christian Hokey-Pokey, might I suggest we get another song get stuck in our heads--"Zaccheus" maybe?

I want to reflect today on the many faces of Abram. This guy is charismatic (in the Baptistic sense, of course =;0)= ). I notice as I read that the scripture does not simply give a record of a man in history. Scripture records a man of action, a man of struggle, a man of change, a man of hope, a man of faith. I think of the life of Rembrandt when I think of Abraham, each chapter of Genesis being a panel of his life.

In Genesis 12 he is the Relative Leaver, the Go-forther, the Promise Receiver and Egyptian Confuser. 75 years old and pulling up stakes.

In Genesis 13 he is the Wealthy Nomad, the Conflict Settler and Promise Receiver.

In Genesis 14 he is the Fugitive Hearer, a Warrior and Rescuer and Tenth-giver.

In Genesis 15 he is the Childless Heir-giver, the Star-Counter, the Night Sleeper and Covenant Reciever.

In all, I get the impression Abraham was a quiet and very wise man. I think he sat back and watched people and tried to see things through God's eyes as much as possible. He was not selfish, he kept the peace, he watched over his family. He did what he was told. God said "go" and he went. God said "receive" and he worshipped. God said, "look here, walk" and he moved. God said "receive blessed in My name" and he worshipped. God said, "do not fear" and he wondered . . . (to be continued)

Literary observation:
Chapter 15 describes one event. How many times does the sun set in one day? How would you explain it, Grasshopper?

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