Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 Days Of An Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Day 11 "Get Defined"

Thanks for sticking with me this month as we cover various aspects of conquering our challenges, especially when it comes to fitness. I have to admit something: I'm embarrassed that so much has been said about fitness so far, but I've not really defined the word.

What is "fitness"? My simple definition is this: fitness is the ability to thrive. Fitness is more than a condition of health or the ability to do, to accomplish. It's the progression of moving from where you are to another place. Fitness brings flourishing, the production results. Fitness is functional.

When I train, I am not merely defining my body, but I am also shaping my mind, my emotions and my spirit. What good does having a well defined body (like a body-builder) if everything else is out of shape? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate body-building, but what is functional about it? Sculpting the body is nice, but what good does it do if it's for show?

Since I've been doing SEALFit, I noticed one significant change. I admit I was upset about it at first, but it did not take me long to change my mind. I used to enjoy LSD's (Long, Slow, Distance running) of running 3, to 6 miles but after completing 8 weeks of SEALFit, doing a 5k was murder. Sure, they include short sprints that accumulate into miles, but no LSD's. Here's what occurred to me: those guys are trained to fight, not run away. This realization made me buckle down and I am able to accomplish tasks with more focus. It redefined my purpose, in a manner of speaking.

As we face challenges we need to be flexible, to be ready to back up and perhaps redefine our game plan so we can accomplish the task ahead.

For me, the next 12 days are going to be unlike anything I've ever done before. I'll be outside for 10-12 hours each day and have no clue what will happen during those hours with weather, with what I will encounter, anything. Life as I knew it will no longer exist, so I need to be ready. I know generally what I am to accomplish during this time, but I will need to completely flip my schedule. Most often, I train during lunch or in the evenings. This will not be possible, so it looks like early morning is going to be training time. I'll need to knock the cobwebs off just a little quicker every day for a while. Like they say in training, "Embrace the Suck." It's where the magic happens.

And then keeping up blog posts will be a challenge, too. And family. And everything else.

Oh, here's what I did today:

  • Warm Up
  • (3x) of
    • 200 meter run
    • 25 Jumping Jacks
    • 5 Hand Release Push ups
  • AMRAP 20 of
    • 400 meter run
    • 10 Thruster (50#)
    • 10 Sit-ups

Play Hard!

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