Sunday, October 09, 2016

31 Days Of An Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Day 9 "Get Rested"

Congratulations on a good solid week of playing hard! Today was a rest day for me, a day that is perhaps the most difficult of all training days. While everything in me screams "I must do something!" I also know that I can't. I'm tired and the best training comes with rest.

This day of rest does not stop me from planning for the week. Sometimes on rest days I take a few minutes to dirt-dive my mission for the next week. I begin to set my mind to the task that lay ahead, visualize the training sessions and strategize about how I will get them done. But I also put my feet up.

The next couple of weeks will be full of days unlike any I've faced before and will bring a unique challenges in and of themselves. They will be long, They will be hard. I may not get to do the fitness I would like--or much anything else I am accustomed to; however, since the training I've been doing is more than physical, I am ready to face the challenges that will be coming. Pushing my "red line."

I can't say too my presently about what I'll be doing (it's not top secret, it's just not time to say), but it will be challenging. It will something unlike I've ever done before and I'm kind of excited about it. Not exactly a "bucket list" thing, but one of those opportunities came along to do something completely different and I could not pass it up.

You should do something like that: just surprise yourself with doing something completely different.

Now, get some rest. You're gonna need it.

Rest Hard!

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