Friday, October 07, 2016

31 Days Of An Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Day 7 "Get Finished"

Hurricane Matthew still has not landed but the rain has started where we live. Today, I am pulling the car out of the garage for today's WOD. No excuses. Plenty of time to play hard. No need to sit around and watch TV when there's all that space to drop a sweat angel!

Getting over the challenges takes a made-up mind. Find a way. It's not that difficult.

Start with your "why": why pursue health? Personally, I like to live. And if I have any say in the matter, I'd like to live a very long time. Set small goals. Large ones are good to have, but be realistic even if it's one day at a time. One example of a small goal is "Finish". No matter what, get creative to do whatever it takes to finish your training.

If you say, "I'll walk for 15 minutes." Then walk for 15 minutes. If you say, "I'm following such-and-such program" then finish even if it takes an hour. If it's hard, turn 10 reps into 2 sets of 5, or 5 sets of 2, or 10 sets of 1. Just finish. No matter what you do, FINISH!

Tell you a secret? There are some training exercises I loathe, such as Mountain Climbers. I despise them. But my approach is like this: do it. They are only going to make me stronger. I will finish my Mountain Climbers. I will not let them finish me.

Here's what I'm finishing today:


  • Range Of Motion Drills (warm up)
  • 25 High Pull (45#), 15 Push-ups
  • 25 High Pull 945#), 15 Push-press (45#)
  • 5x5 Push Jerk
21-15-9 of
  • 4-count Mountain Climbers
  • Push Jerk
  • Sit-ups
Durability: Yoga

Play hard!

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