Saturday, October 08, 2016

31 Days Of An Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Day 8 "Get Indoors"

Hurricane Matthew landed last night and all we are experiencing are high winds and much rain. Our prayers are with those who have experienced challenges of their own, including loss.

I'm not going to say much about nutrition except that one is greatly benefited to clean up the diet. A diet is anything you eat so to say, "I'm going on a diet" is like saying, "I'm going to eat." Change the diet, move away from whites (rice, bread, pastas) and go to whole wheat (including brown rice, pasta, bread, etc.). Those whites become sugars, simply, and the body likes to store that stuff. If you are like me, it's not all that easy so tracking helps. Truthfully, I'm having biscuits and gravy this morning but I'm also having a nice serving eggs. Of course, cutting back caffeine helps too. MODERATION!

Since the garage is in accessible due to a car and other things under cover because of the storm, I can't get to my weights or other equipment. But that does not mean I can't exercise. Today, I'm doing a 25 minute body weight workout in my bedroom that is guaranteed to smoke everything I've got. Does not require much room. Just time. And energy. Like biscuits to burn ;-) Here it is:

10 4-count Jumping Jack
10 Air Squat
10 Push Ups
10 4-count Mountain Climber
10 Hand Stand Push-ups (or Dive-bomber Push-up)
10 Squat Thrust

Now, if you would like to do SOMETHING (and something is better than nothing), here's a suggestion: "Easy Daily Workout" at It can be done at a pace with which your are most comfortable. Should you require instruction, there is an excellent video library to visit. No membership or sign-up required. I love this site! You don't have to do the pace set. Make adjustments and go at your own speed. 

Play Hard!

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