Saturday, February 04, 2017

Today I Am Cooking . . .

 . . . with gas.

The Urban Dictionary explains that "cooking with gas" means that one is, "efficiently performing a task after a long period of inefficient performance or possibly failed attempts at the entire task or certain steps in the process." In other words, no longer cooking with wood. Gas is easier.

"Hey, now we're getting somewhere!"

I've been wondering what I should write this month and after a few attempts, it seems like this theme of "Today I Am . . . " is coming together. So I'm "cooking with gas!" That's part of the fun of spontaneous writing--just get started and see where it goes. Find a theme.

But I do cook with gas. It's better than electric by a long shot. Especially if the power goes out, I still have means for food preparation and heat. Once I got up early in the morning and took my coffee outside and cooked bacon. Something wonderful about that camping feeling, you know? Bacon, coffee and fresh air.

Since it's Saturday, we'll be fixing either Banana Waffles and eggs with bacon, or hand-shredded Hash Brown potatoes with eggs and bacon for breakfast. Or home-made biscuits and gravy with eggs. And coffee. Lots of coffee. 

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