Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Today I Am Watching . . .

My weight.
Keeping it out there where I can see it.
That's not true.
I'm trying to get it out of sight. Tired of looking at it.

Netflix later.
Or Hulu. (**gasp** Did you know that "Space 1999" is on Hulu? 😁)
Or YouTube. (Like old CrossFit Games footage. Yeah . . . )

You know that break in the show where they insert commercials?

When you binge-watch on one of the streaming services, there are no commercials (which can be bad if you're watching your weight because now you can't do quick exercises in the break--or go to the bathroom--but we won't go there. No pun intended) so we take advantage of those few seconds to shout out "Buy Folgers!" then get right back to it. Ain't got time for commercials.

But if you still enjoy commercials, here are some couch workouts while you watch TV.

Oh, and this video, below? It's true. I've lived it.
Well, most of it.
The first part, anyway.

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