Wednesday, February 01, 2017

AMRAP 20: "Improve Night"

Most of my CrossFit brothers and sisters understand the significance of a Triple Chocolate Bundt cake. Ok, many of my CF brethren . . . Ok--a couple folks understand (you know who you are). 

For one, a chocolate bundt cake looks like a tire and tires are for flipping and since you can't eat a tire, well, that's what the cake is for. So I enjoyed a nice piece of a chocolate bundt cake recalling the great fun we had flipping tires just yesterday. But what does that have to do with today's AMRAP 20? Not much--except that, well, chocolate bundt cake. That's why. 

Did not get my lunch-time WOD in today due to a called meeting; however, I did get the WOD done at home with a little improvisation. The WOD was 3x5 Back Squats then an AMRAP 20 of: 
The first improvisation came in that I don't have a squat rack, so I had to clean and jerk the bar in order to lower the bar to my neck. Don't think I ever C & J 140 pounds, but I did tonight! Bonus points for the extra workout! Of course the fun part is getting that bar off your neck . . . a reverse jerk. And hang on!

The second came when I had to do Wall Balls. I don't have a high wall but I do have a basketball goal--however, 1) the goal wobbles when doing WB, so I was trying to hit a moving target (read: Bro-reps) 2) I had to take off my glasses because of sweat. And if I miss, I don't want my glasses smashed into my face by a falling 20# basketball. I'll just take the basketball; and, 3) it was dark by the time I got started. So finding the target--in the dark--without glasses . . .

I deserved my cake after that 3x5 then an AMRAP 20 for 5 rounds (started the 6th at the 20:00 buzzer). And it was a difficult day today. I might have another piece.

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