Friday, February 17, 2017

Today I Am Enjoying . . .

the changing seasons.

In case you were not aware, South Carolina has four seasons: Nearly Summer, Almost Summer, Summer, and More Summer.

It's February and I think since Winter started we've only had maybe a whole week's worth of winter weather--and by that I mean temperatures below the freezing mark--and those days (nights, mostly) were not consecutive. If I exaggerate, it's not by much. Personally, I enjoy the cold, preferring it much more than the heat. One can never escape the heat. Cold has a grace to it, that, if one gets cold enough, one no longer feels it--but the heat? No mercy.

Regardless, I'm enjoying the changing seasons. The forecast is mid to high 70's well through next week. The daffo-down-dillies and tulips I planted the day after Thanksgiving are well on their way up, so I'm thinking winter is pretty much behind us.

I'm already thinking vegetable garden--bought my seeds. now all I need is place to put them. Thinking of using as much vertical space as possible--like planting a thin strip of cucumbers and squash alongside the fence and let 'em clamber up. Easier to maintain that way.

At this point I'll be shocked if it gets cold or wintery again by March. Though it's happened before (we got snow in February a few years back--and once in March) it could always happen again.

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