Monday, February 13, 2017

Today I Am Feeling . . .

 . . . better. Last week I got hit with an ugly bug that lay me pretty low for a few days. Bug must have come from outer space--planet Ronald McNasty, maybe. Now that I think about it, I did indulge a request to visit a certain "fitness" location the week before--a place with "Planet" in the name--and each one of us got sick. Man, that place was a circus. (I can cross that off my list!) I found a Concept 2 rower and spent 20 minutes ignoring the room with some very loud personalized music--but I digress . . .

I had this awesome training session last Tuesday that left me feeling pretty mighty but when the sickness hit, all the pain from training combined with the pain of the sickness and left me feeling like I'd been in car wreck. Couldn't even do yoga I hurt so bad. And of course, it's making its way through the household, so we're all pretty low or coming out of it.

Cycled through days and nights of spiking and plunging fever--lost 4 pounds overall. I sweated as much in sickness as I do in health! I keep telling myself that's good news.

At least I got my Netflix queue whittled down a little. Got caught up on some documentaries I've been wanting to watch for some time (a couple on North Korea and another called "Gored" focusing on a legendary Bull Fighter from Spain--absolutely fascinating, that one).

Still in recovery as breathing is not where it should be, but physically, I'm feeling fine. Just have to remember not to overdo it.

Stay Healthy!

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