Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today I Am Pushing My Limits

Someone once said that every day, you should do one thing that scares you.

Today, my "scary", is "17.1"
The first CrossFit Open workout of 2017.

I've been getting psyched out for it since the announcement last week, watching videos and finding encouragement as I prepare to take myself a place I've never been before. That's what I love about training. That's what I enjoy about CrossFit. It moves me.

It doesn't take long to get to the edge of yourself in training. Once there, something magical happens. The world and everything in it disappears as you toe the line of a choice: quit or step over. That choice comes back again and again. The goal is to keep stepping over. Keep moving the line. The only thing that pays in the end is to be a winner by finishing.

That's all I want to do.
Do something that I've never done before.

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